The Centre for Investigative Journalism Malawi (CIJM), a non profit media organisation, would like to retract the above mentioned published on its website story on October 9th 2016 –

As original owners of both news idea and the story, CIJM has been forced to take this unpalatable decision three years down the line because new facts, documentation and evidence that have emerged have rendered the original story a farce.

In the interest of fair play and professionalism, among other things, CIJM has discovered that one of the parties in the said article cleverly used CIJM on a thinly veiled empathy of persecution when in fact he was the villain.

CIJM would like to apologise to Mr Zuneth Sattar, his family, business partners and others connected to this story for the psychological trauma and mental distress they might have gone through in the three years the article has been in the public realm.

CIJM as owners of the story and the documentation that was erroneously used to come with said article, up bears no responsibility to whoever, for what ever reasons still wants to cling the story or the mirage it invoked in the public sphere.