Mentoring Sessions – Investigative Journalism

The Centre for Investigative Journalism Malawi (CIJM) in cooperation with the Integrity Platform (IP) and with financial support from Germany government via GIZ invites applications from Journalists for a one and half days’ workshop on Investigative journalism focusing on story ideas and planning.

The training/brainstorming sessions will be held in Lilongwe. Dates to be announced.

The training sessions are aimed at enhancing the competence of Journalists in the area of accurate, professional and readership-oriented corruption reporting and to increase the awareness for the media‘s contribution to the promotion of good governance.
The overall objective is to have a community of investigative journalists who support each other via peer exchange, improve their skills via various activities and have the opportunity to carry out investigative research.

Applications or expressions of interest are being sought from interested and enthusiastic Journalists working for Print, TV, Radio or Internet media who would want to assist Malawi’s fight against corruption.

General Requirements

  • The workshop is open only to journalists with demonstrated experience in investigative journalism in the form of practical experience and/or training.
  • Submit the following documents:
    • One original story idea using the Story Planner template (attached)
    • Recent Curriculum Vitae
    • Accompanying letter/email expressing interest and motivation
  • Story ideas will be selected on the basis of originality i.e. stories that break new ground and expose wrongdoing – such as corruption, malfeasance or misuse of power – in the public and private sectors.
  • Story ideas/ topics should relate to the issue of corruption and integrity in Malawi.
  • During the workshop, journalists will get feedback on their Story Plans.

Story Grants
In case any travelling is required for the story, the journalists should have a provisional travel plan. Only travel costs within Malawi can be considered. Journalists can apply for a 60% advance of the travel costs and will only receive the remaining 40% after publication of their story.

If they fail to do so within the required time, they will be asked to pay back the advance. During the workshop, there will be a session where they can work out the budget for their investigations.

Disclaimer of Liability: CIJM’s role is assisting Journalists is limited to making grants and mentoring on story ideas. CIJM assumes no liability for the legal and/or safety risks undertaken by Journalists in the course of their reporting.

Enquiries and applications to be addressed to both:

Deadline: rolling