Agilitee and Mandla Lamba foundation pledge to provide scooters for children walking long distances to school

•Worth R52 million every poor child will  own their personal scooter to school


In a collaboration between South African based Electric vehicles manufacturer, Agilitee and Mandla Lamba Foundation, more than 5000 motorbikes will be donated to less privileged youths in rural villages in order to alleviate them from poverty due to scarcity of jobs.

Worth R52 million, the scooters will be distributed through a project called African Children’s Restoration Project which will start in South Africa in 2022 and then other African countries in 2023.

Agilitee’s founder Dr Mandla Lamba confirmed to this publication this week when he announced the rollout.

He said many brilliant businesses in South Africa cannot make it because of colour-based preferences of that look at who your father is or who you are affiliated to before they get assisted. However, he says Agilitee wants to turnaround this anomaly.

Lamba said starting from end of August 2022, the beneficiaries will start applying for ownership for its brand of LoadEx scooter that has already taken African business by storm.

Dr Mandla Lamba says his own upbringing is driving his philanthropic activities

“Agilitee and Mandla Lamba Foundation will be donating to the young people between the age of 18 and 30 in the villages, townships up to a total of at least 1000 South Africans.”

“This is for South Africans for now. Every young person who does not have a job and has been hustling putting together trying to get a living, I am encouraging to find a deal to deliveries through scooters,” he said.

“All young people who are interested in one of the LoadEx scooters can get in touch with us at Agilitee. For you to qualify you must come from a poor family, be unemployed and pushing for business,” said the businessman and philanthropist.

Dr Lamba said Agilitee will be donating some of the scooters to help young children in the villages who do not have means of transport to school because of poverty.

“I grew up in a poor village where I used to walk 30kms with no shoes and hungry to school in winter. It was bad. We have been through the worst. I have decided to make donation for children in villages because of this,” he said.

The green-tech company’s founder said the donation of LoadEX Scooters to villages in South Africa will be in excess of 5 000. Those who are eligible to ride the scooters will be in the range of 12 to 14 years and would need a scooter license to use them.

Dr Lamba said his efforts to eradicate poverty won’t end this year but in many more years to come.

Dr Mandla Lamba is geared to fight poverty

“Every year, we will be taking out 2 percent from every sale of our electric vehicles to contribute to the poor. Poverty is painful and I we don’t wish for anyone to experience it.”

“For the first time we are changing Africa and I am so excited that there is no one who can do anything to stop it. These are times when we need leaders with action. You can motivate people but motivation alone is not enough.”

“For the first we are creating a balance in Africa. We are not scared because God is our weapon,” said the highly spiritual and motivational business leader.

Dr Lamba said inspirational words can inspire people but that alone is not enough: “I come from nothing myself I know. I grew up listening to motivational talks but it was not enough.

“Our people are spending a lot of money to attend conferences where CEOs of big corporations who are taking huge salaries can’t even contribute a pair of shoes for a child. They tell you their presence is more important.

“Let us change this in South Africa and the entire continent. I have been invited to speak at a certain events and they have been offering to pay me but I said no.”

“I told them I will come there free of charge. I will use my own means to get there. I will use my own means to sleep in that hotel and I will be donating something there as well.”

“But someone will say pay me this much for me to come and speak. Yes, there are people who take advantage but there are places who you see that these are young men and women who are trying to bring difference in society.”

Dr Lamba said entrepreneurs from around the world should make it a habit of giving back to the less privileged communities.

“You can be a great CEO but the moment we realise you are not committed to society; you will never work for us. It does not matter how big the company you working for. Agilitee will never hire anyone who does not contribute to the community.”

Dr Lamba said many people are already motivated and have developed good business ideas or plans and what they now needed was funding.

He said through said through Agilitee’s approach to empower others, God will raise a new leadership culture that is going to afford opportunities to the under privileged.

“Every time God blesses you tag along one person with you. Every time you move your first step, tag people around you and when you move the second step tag more, and eventually we will all get there.”

“That is the society I want live in. I don’t want to live in a society of evil and cruel

More 5 000 Agilitee LoadEx Scooters will be donated to communities in SA people,” said the game-changer.